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Server Downtime
General News
Posted by Evaders99

Sunday, April 13 2008 @ 08:22:08 EST
Sorry for the downtime, the site was being DDoS. The server seems to be running normally again
New Era-s
General News
Posted by Evaders99

Tuesday, April 01 2008 @ 00:00:01 EST
Given the delays with the on-going scenarios, we have decided to whip up some changes...

- All groups will join the new galactic governement, the New Rebublica who's goal is galaxy domination and gathering flurry blunnies
- The new Emperor will be Maskan, who will now be known as Darth Fishy
- His apprentice will be Jaron Park, who will now be known as Darth Jar Jar
- All races will be superceded by Gungans, who have a +2 flappyness bonus
- Every person who recruits 5 people will gain 1 Ewok minion: servents to do your binding with 100,000 HP
- The Force is superceded by the Schwartz and be granted only to users with Schwartz Chance feat
- The next on-going scenario will be The Quest for the Holy Grail, all Knights of the Round Table will be welcome
Darker, the coming storm grows.
General News
Posted by Evaders99

Wednesday, February 13 2008 @ 02:05:51 EST
The Holonet is alive! Help add to our universe by contributing to our IC wiki. Remember this is strictly In-Character information... please read the disclaimer before editing. Like the forums, it is monitored by our moderators so expect XP and other rewards.

Also, you'll notice all those active players on our IC boards got a Chinese New Year bonus. (Yes it was kind-of late New Years bonus, but our Mastergroup leaders have been quite busy)

After more than 5 years, a simple tribute to Charon - the guy who started things from his own faith in the players. In better words than I can say...

More news to come...
Do something nice for the New Year!
General News
Posted by Evaders99

Friday, January 04 2008 @ 05:00:18 EST
You can do something nice for the holiday. And its free too.. no money required.

Donate your idle computer cycles to science. Stanford's Folding@Home project uses your computer to help simulate protein folding.

Every good community has a team. So join our SW:Rebellion Network Folding Team - team# 96904
You can install it no matter what operating system (Windows / Linux / even PS3...). Just install a client and let it go.
Start of changes...
General News
Posted by Evaders99

Thursday, January 03 2008 @ 11:51:59 EST
As you can tell, we're rolling out some changes for the New Year

First is a spiffy new IC Site design. I know you guys were tired of the white, I was too... esp with the dark contrast of the OOC site. I really like this new theme with the transparencies, but we need to make it StarWars-y now!

Want to help us out for the new year? I have some image requests and I'm thinking about a better reward system too. (Not that you guys don't like XP... of course you do, but we want to try and add some other ideas)

Next is the unvailing of our integrated rules wiki - called TheWord - yes I know, not the best name in the world, but it should be the first place to go to for updates. I want to get all the Saga stuff we want to implement here. Progress will be more transparent as the wiki is updated (you'll see it directly on the front-page without me having to modify it all the time).

Currently trying to get the rest of our site links on TheWord and move over content. Once that is done, we'll tweak and expand the wiki. Next will be an actual in-game wiki... in-character actions and history :)

Good time to review stuff like our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. Really nothing has changed, respect each other and the people who run this site and we'll be fine.

Finally, if you know any cool Star Wars people, point them our way! We won't grow unless you help out. More updates as we work things out.

What's New?
· Mon Calamari
· Bothan
· Special:Log/upload

 * TheWord *
 for all our rules and more

Would you use an in-game wiki?

Yes I would definitely contribute
Maybe I would write one or two things
What's a wiki?


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