Star Wars Community - In-Character [SWCIC] SWCIC - en-us Server Downtime Sorry for the downtime, the site was being DDoS. The server seems to be running normally again New Era-s Given the delays with the on-going scenarios, we have decided to whip up some changes...<br /><br />- All groups will join the new galactic governement, the <strong>New Rebublica</strong> who's goal is galaxy domination and gathering flurry blunnies<br />- The new Emperor will be Maskan, who will now be known as <strong>Darth Fishy</strong><br />- His apprentice will be Jaron Park, who will now be known as <strong>Darth Jar Jar</strong><br />- All races will be superceded by <strong>Gungans</strong>, who have a +2 flappyness bonus<br />- Every person who recruits 5 people will gain <strong>1 Ewok minion</strong>: servents to do your binding with 100,000 HP<br />- The Force is superceded by the <strong>Schwartz </strong>and be granted only to users with Schwartz Chance feat<br />- The next on-going scenario will be <strong>The Quest for the Holy Grail</strong>, all <em>Knights of the Round Table</em> will be welcome<br /> Darker, the coming storm grows. <a href="">The Holonet</a> is alive! Help add to our universe by contributing to our IC wiki. Remember this is strictly In-Character information... please read the disclaimer before editing. Like the forums, it is monitored by our moderators so expect XP and <a href="theword/Rewards_System">other rewards</a>.<br /><br />Also, you'll notice all those active players on our <a href="">IC boards</a> got a Chinese New Year bonus. (Yes it was kind-of late New Years bonus, but our Mastergroup leaders have been quite busy)<br /><br />After more than 5 years, <a href="">a simple tribute to Charon</a> - the guy who started things from his own faith in the players. In <a href=";news_id=1">better words than I can say</a>...<br /><br /><br />More news to come...<br /> Do something nice for the New Year! You can do something nice for the holiday. And its free too.. no money required.<br /> <br /> Donate your idle computer cycles to science. <a href="">Stanford's Folding@Home</a> project uses your computer to help simulate protein folding.<br /> <br /> Every good community has a team. So join our <a href=";teamnum=96904">SW:Rebellion Network Folding Team</a> - team# <strong>96904</strong><br /> You can install it no matter what operating system (Windows / Linux / even PS3...). Just install a client and let it go. Start of changes... As you can tell, we're rolling out some changes for the New Year<br /> <br /> First is a spiffy <a href="">new IC Site design</a>. I know you guys were tired of the white, I was too... esp with the dark contrast of the OOC site. I really like this new theme with the transparencies, but we need to make it St