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Copyright Policy - TheWord

The SWCIC copyright © seeks to
protect the original work done by members of the SWCIC community. As
this is a free and open community, all work is done freely for the use
of the community. All copyrights owned by LucasFilm Ltd. or any of its corporations are used under United States copyright doctrine of Fair use - SWCIC being neither a commericial project nor for profit. Nor do we seek to infringe on the copyrights of LucasFilms.

What is a copyright?

Copyright is a set of exclusive rights to regulate the use of a particular expression of an idea or information. Copyright is a type of intellectual property; covered in a particular form or manner and not in the actual idea itself. The website and its written text are copyright: the idea of a Star Wars roleplaying group is not.

What is copyright?

Any text or written word or other medium of expression is automatically copyright by its author. There is no need to explicitly declare such, only in cases where you waive such rights.

Who claims such copyrights?

Only the original creator of such works. Unless there is a written contract that states such rights have been transfered or waived, the original creator owns and controls all his works; he can even limit them. See further on Copyrights

What about my work here?

All original work is automatically copyright by you. There is nothing else that is necessary. By submitting it to the community, there is an "implied consent" - that is, it can be used here in Fair Use, freely and in the spririt of an open community. We do not claim ownership of such works. At any time, you may claim your original work and ask that it be removed, we will do so in a reasonable amount of time.

What about works that are derived from others?

They must be credited as appropriate to original sources, esp if taken from a LucasFilms LTD corporation. In the spirit of Fair Use, these works are used and creditted as can be done. If the original owner askes them to be removed, we will do so in a reasonable amount of time.

Individual copyrights:

  • SWCIC - OOC site design and artwork: Copyrighted by Cyndre and granted exclusive license to Evaders99
  • IC site design: Copyrighted ForumsTemplates.com templated and modified under open-source GPL by Evaders99
      Some background images by Krytos. Some background images from textures by SCIFI3F
  • GE site design / forums: Copyrighted by Evaders99 with credits to Charon and his friend for source
  • RA site design / forums: Copyrighted by Uliq
  • HS site design / forums: Copyrighted by Souke, with forums JediKnights theme to realdealstubblefield.com
  • Site / forums engines are copyright to phpNuke, phpBB. All original site coding done by Evaders99 is copyright.

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