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Mon Calamari - TheWord
Mon Calamari
Image used with permission of Rhineville


Mon Calamari In General

Dreamers who Cherish Peace, That describes the Mon Calamari. While they are peaceful, They will fight for Causes they believe in. They are Renowned for there abilities as Shipwrights.

Character Information

Ability Modifiers

  • +2 Intelligence
  • +2 Wisdom
  • -2 Constitution

Size: Medium

Mon Calamari are a Medium Sized Creature, They receive no Bonus or penalties based on their size.


Mon Calamari have a Base Movement of 6 Squares and a Swim Speed of 4 Squares.

Breathe Underwater

Mon Calamari cannot Drown in water.

Expert Swimmer

Mon Calamari may reroll any Swim Check, But the reroll must be accepted.

Additionally, a Mon Cal can Take 10 on Swim Check, even when Threatened or Distracted.

Low-Light Vision

Mon Calamari can ignore Concealment, (But not total concealment) from darkness.

Conditional Bonus Feat

Mon Calamari with Perception as a Trained Skill gain the Bonus Feat: Skill Focus (Perception).

Automatic Languages

Basic and Mon Calamarian

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