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Rewards System - TheWord

Rewards are simple. To develop your character, we give out XP.

It like to reward things that help the game out. Even you aren't necessarily roleplaying for your character, you are helping out by...

  • Organizing and recruiting new players
  • Managing scenarios
  • Contributing to the rules


The more XP you get, the more your character grows and develops. He can learn more skills and have further interactions with other players and NPCs.


We want to put in a way to differentiate your character from others and have it displayed for all players. These are achievements.

They are like medals on the IC Site but are not gained from scenarios or awarded by groups. Instead, they are awarded by the administrators for special work above and beyond.

What kind of achievements can you get? Whatever fits your character. Are you a Corellian who really wants those Corellian Bloodstripes? Are you the Hero of the Battle of Taanab?

Many things from your background can get recognized and codified as part of our game's story. If the moderators approve it, it will be allowed. However, it must be something that isn't already established in the character rules. (You cannot grant yourself Jedi Master powers, abilities to breathe underwater, etc)


Heroic achievements

  • Hero of the Battle of Taanab
  • Awarded Corellian Bloodstripes

Notable achievements

  • Recognized by the Mandalorian clans

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